D.C. Superior Court Opinions

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E.g., January 16, 2018
E.g., January 16, 2018
  • Parole Probation

    Revocation Hearing

    Procedure set forth for revocation of parole or probation where defendant is re-arrested on subsequent charge.

  • Decedents' Estates


    Where all heirs of intestate decedent are nephews and nieces of same degree of consanguinity, real property descents per stirpes and not per capita.

  • Criminal Law & Procedure


    Prior carrying dangerous weapon misdemeanor conviction may be used to impeach defendant if he testifies.

  • Wills


    Where decedent has been mentally incompetent after making a will and conservator extinguishes by sale particular legacy and such sale substantially distorts testamentary plan all legacies abate prorata unless contrary intention is shown by the will.

  • Landlord and Tenant


    Landlord may not use self-help to obtain possession of dwelling by force, after dismissing suit for possession.

  • Penalties

    Where corporation has never filed income tax returns under 1939 Act or franchise tax returns under 1947 Act, imposition of 25 per centum penalty provided in both Acts for failure to file returns was mandatory.

  • Hearing on a Petition for Mandamus denied. Plaintiffs allowed an exception.

  • Statute of Limitations

    Part Payment of Judgment Debt

    Sustained demurrers to replications. Reversed and cause remanded.