Bar Exam Graders Wanted by the DCCA

June 7, 2016

District of Columbia Court of Appeals Committee on Admissions

Job Description
Bar Examination Graders

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals Committee on Admissions (CoA) seeks the response of District of Columbia attorneys interested in serving as graders of the District of Columbia bar examination. Openings for bar examination graders arise occasionally and the CoA is looking for experienced and qualified attorneys to be included on a list of available graders when openings occur. Graders are not employees. Graders contract with the District of Columbia Court of Appeals on an annual basis to provide this service.

The Role of the Bar Examination Grader:
A bar examination grader grades the written portion of the District of Columbia Bar Examination (the Multistate Essay Examination and the Multistate Performance Test) under the direction of a CoA Member.

Graders are required to:
1. Adhere to deadlines set by the CoA during the 2 month grading period immediately following the July 2016 bar examination. Grading is conducted from August until September.
2. Attend a graders’ training meeting with the CoA.
3. Adhere to guidelines for graders, provided by the CoA.
4. Conduct a grader calibration procedure with an appropriate sample of answers per question.
5. Be available for discussion with members of their grading team throughout the grading cycle.
6. Maintain strict confidentiality in all aspects of the grading process. Graders will be required to review and sign a confidentiality agreement with the CoA prior to providing grading services.
7. Ensure that exams are held in a secure and confidential location during the grading process.
8. Maintain records as directed by the CoA throughout the grading process.

1. Must be admitted as licensed attorney in the District of Columbia.
2. Must be in good standing with District of Columbia Bar.
3. Must have at least five and preferably ten years of experience in the active practice or teaching of law.
4. Must be comfortable working in a collaborative team environment.
5. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Word and Excel preferred.

Compensation: Graders are not regular court employees. Graders are considered contract employees with the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, retained to provide this service for a specified period of time. Graders are compensated based on an hourly rate TBD. Interested attorneys should submit a resume and letter of interest to:

Ava Greene Bedden, Director

Ava Greene Bedden
Director, Committee on Admissions
430 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Attn: Grader Opportunity

Any attorney interested in serving as a grader for the July 2016 bar examination should submit a resume and letter by June 30, 2016.