Subscription Pricing for 2017

November 28, 2016

Beginning January 1, 2017, the DWLR will change the pricing structure for subscriptions.


Online access will cost $55.00 per year in addition to your normal subscription price. However, online access is optional. And any subscriber that has already registered online will continue to pay the same amount, there will be no increase. This new price is for new subscribers only, or those that have not signed up for online access or for those that let their subscription lapse. For further information, please contact Donald Nichols at or (410)244-6688.


Prices for New Subscribers as of 1/1/17

6 month subscription is $130.00

1 year in print only is $255.00

I year online only is $300.00

1 year print and online is $310.00

2 year print and online is $460.00

3 year print and online is $700.00

Subscriptions mailed to a Maryland address are subject to a sales tax that is not reflected in the above prices.