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March 17, 2017

The DWLR office will be closed May 15 through May 19, 2017. We will not be available to answer phone calls or emails, accept and process payments or mail affidavits. So please plan accordingly.

We will, however, be printing our daily editions that week, and your service should not be interrupted.

Thank you and if you have any questions about this, please don't hesistate to contact us at dwlr@dwlr.com.

February 24, 2017

A late fee of $10.00 will be added to any outstanding balance remaining 60 days after the due date.

Affidavits/Proofs of Publication will not be released until the account balance is paid in full.

Overdue accounts are turned over to a collection agency.

If you have trouble paying your balance, you can set up a payment plan. Accounts on a payment plan are not subject to late fees. To set up a payment plan, please call Donald Nichols at (410)244-6688.

If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact Donald Nichols at dnichols@dwlr.com or (410)244-6688.

February 8, 2017

The DWLR 2016 Index for Volume 144 is now available and ready for you to:

1. Download from the Archives/Index section of this website. You must be a subscriber to log in, so if you don't know your log in information, please contact Donald at dwlr@dwlr.com or subscribe today.

2. Request a hard copy to be mailed to you by emailing dwlr@dwlr.com with your subscription name and mailing address as found on a label on a recent issue of the DWLR.

3. Request a pdf version be emailed to you by emailing your subscription name to dwlr@dwlr.com.

November 28, 2016

Beginning January 1, 2017, the DWLR will change the pricing structure for subscriptions.

August 16, 2016

Now, when you are searching the D.C. Superior Court opinions, you can search by Judge!

January 1, 2016

For $5.00 per proof, the DWLR can email you your proof of publication. Either phone Donald at (202)331-1700 or email dwlr@dwlr.com for more information about this service.

December 14, 2015

When choosing your second newspaper to publish legal notices in, choose wisely - the cheapest isn’t always the best.


The DWLR works well with these newspapers:

December 14, 2015

The DWLR will be closed from December 21, 2015 through December 25, 2015 and will reopen on December 28, 2015. Please plan ahead accordingly.

November 4, 2015

Please note that on the following days, the DWLR will not publish an edition of the paper.

March 23, 2015

Please note that the DWLR office will be closed May 11-15. We will still publish a newspaper each day but will be unavailable to answer phone calls, return emails or process payments. Please plan ahead accordingly.


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