Judge Bios

Mitchell, George W.

Appointed: August 20, 1982

Born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1935, Mr. Mitchell received his high school

education in that city, and thereafter graduated from Howard University in Washington, D.C.

where he received his Bachelors of Arts Degree in 1957. In the same year Mr. Mitchell

entered the Graduate School at American University in Washington, D.C. where he

pursued studies in American Government. In 1960 he graduated from Harvard University

School of Law with an LLB Degree, and was subsequently employed by the Veterans

Administration. In 1961 he worked in the Solicitor’s Office in the United States Department

of Labor where he remained until he entered private practice in August, 1962.

During his career, Mr. Mitchell has practiced civil and criminal law in all the Courts in the

District of Columbia. However, in the last ten yeas, his practice has been primarily in the

areas of general negligence and medical malpractice.

Mr. Mitchell’s activities have spanned both professional and civic areas, including

serving as Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee (Probable Cause Panel) of the Unified

Bar for the District of Columbia, and as President of the Shepherd Park Civic Association. In

1970 he was elected President of the Howard Law Alumni Association for the Greater

Washington Area. That same year Mr. Mitchell was appointed by the President of the

United States as Appeals Agent for the Selective Service System, and was a member of

the District of Columbia Advisory Committee for the United States Commission on Civil

Rights. In 1965 he served on the Board of Directors of Neighborhood Legal Service

Project and the Hackers License Appeal Board.

He was honored both in 1971 and 1976 by the then President of the United States

with Certificates of Appreciation for services contributed to the nation and the selective

service system. In 1976, he was named Alumnus of the year by the Howard Law

Association of the Greater Washington Area. He presently holds memberships in the

Washington Bar Association and the National Bar Association.

Mr. Mitchell and Dr. Gwendoline S. Mitchell have been married for 23 years. They

have a daughter, Renee, who is a first year law student at Georgetown University and a

son, George, Jr., who is a first year engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh.