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Probate Forms

600 probate packet: $20.00 / $35.00

This packet is used for deaths on or after January 1, 1981 and before July 1, 1995. For deaths before January 1, 1981 you must contact the Probate Division directly.

800 probate packet: $25.00 / $35.00

This packet is used for deaths on or after July 1, 1995 and before April 27, 2001.

900 probate packet: $25.00 / $35.00

This packet is used for deaths on or after April 27, 2001.

Accounting packet: $10.00 / $10.00

Included with above packets and sold separately.

Please note, there is no longer a 700 series probate packet in use. The prices listed are Subscriber / Non-Subscriber prices, both include shipping and sales tax and are subject to change without notice.

Will Covers and Envelopes

$4.00 per set

Exhibit Labels

$13.75 per pack of 492

Yellow Plaintiff
Blue Defendant
Yellow blank Exhibit
Blue blank Exhibit

DWLR Lettered Binders

Black, poly–carbonate plastic, three pronged, binder with gold lettering. Each binder holds 6 months of DWLR issues.

$40.00 each.

Opinions on Demand

Do you have a citation for a D.C. Superior Court opinion but can’t put your hands on it? Or do you just know the case name but not sure how to look it up? Need it emailed to you quickly?

Give us a call at 410.244.6688 or 202.331.1700 or email us at and in most cases we can send you the opinion you’re looking for in under 15 minutes.

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